888 Promotion Code

 888 Promotion Code

If you are interested to get the latest 888 promotion code you have to follow the links down below. By following the links you will be able to get 100% 888 poker bonus of your first deposited amount. The upper limit is 600$ i.e. if you will deposit 10$ & play with 20$, deposit 100$ & play with 200$ or deposit 600$ & play with 1200$. The bonus available is among the top 888 poker promotion codes available at 888 poker.

888 promotion code

888 Promotion Code| 888 Poker Welcome Bonus

By using 888 promotion code start your first deposit now to get the 600$ poker bonus which is also most suitable for beginners. You can play the extra cash on low buy in turnaments & other sit & go games. New players will also have chance to get extra deals out of this package as follows.

Free entry in to the ‘$100k First Depositors’ Challenge

The ‘$100k First Depositors’ Challenge is open to the first 1000 members to register. It requires a minimum 21 participants to run the game. There is no buy in is required for this challange & it is absolutely free for new members.

Free entry to 1000$ depositers freeroll.

Seven 500$ first depositer freeroll.

To know more details about the terms & condition of the welcome bonus package benifits visit the official website of 888 poker.

888 promotion code

888 Promotion Code| how it works 

The poker bonous is credited in to your 888poker bankroll on the basis of accumulate bonus points. You can accumulate bonus points while playing cash games, tournament buy in & also at casino tables. For each 100 BP 888 poker will add a bonus of 10$ to your bankroll. There is a bonus meter above the table which will let you know about the bonus points you have gained.

888 Promotion Code| get more out of it 

In order to get benefits out of the 888 promotion  promotion code one should first deposit the maximum amount to get their promotional advantage. As far as 888 poker is concern it is having the top 888 promotion code for the new members in poker circuit. Why late, avail bags of promotional benefit by using 888 promotion code.